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Silas Toball

Visionary Artist

Silas Toball’s creative training reaches deep into the rigorous disciplines of classical art and music. It underpins his unique ability to work fluidly and seamlessly between both medias and mediums in his signature contemporary style. This immediately distinguishes him from merely “artist” or “composer” to that of a true visionary with a scope that allows him to create fully actualized worlds richly layered with timeless iconography that connects with a wide, global audience.

Combined with his intricate orchestral abilities, Silas transports the viewer and listener, propelling them forward with a compelling sense of “personal journey.”

His master storytelling through both art and music provides audiences with an all-encompassing experience and collaborators and conceptual artists with a staggering array of sight and sound tools rare from a single individual.

As comfortable with a brush as he is with a baton, Silas defies convention, which has cemented his place within the pantheon of visionaries.

Also a respected educator, Silas is author of Digital Art Wonderland - Creative Techniques for Inspirational Journaling & Beautiful Blogging.

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Silas is also Creative Director of his mixed-media company Duirwaigh Studios (pronounce: Doorway), which offers clients full packaging, and technical layout support. Together with his Artistic Partner Angi Sullins, Duirwaigh is a prolific out-putter of smart, multi media content that continues to make millions of impressions in social media, and commerce:

• Original Music CD and Album Design
• (Inter-)national Greeting Card Lines and calendars
• Cover to cover book designs
• Audio Books
• Home and Personal Product designs

Silas works closely with companies who license his art. As an accomplished graphic designer and highly experienced creative director he is able to translate, adapt and customize his imagery into all forms of media for his diverse client base.

His in-depth understanding of global production specs and visual marketing mandates give those who partner with him a value added bonus in outputting compelling, high-impact sight and sound packages for today's consumers.

Examples of this production process can be viewed at Duirwaigh Studios  a content rich production company owned and operated by him and his partner.

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